Thursday, 6 June 2013

Getting Away From Sensitive Issues

What is wrong with us Malaysians?

There are so many things out there that we can talk about, but we just PREFER to talk about sensitive issues.

Number one. About people being FAT.

HELLO~ Even if you are the skinniest person on earth, it doesn't mean you are entitled to easily tell people that they are getting fatter, they are putting on weight or getting rounder at the face. It upsets me everytime I hear those kind of comments. Even if I am not the one to be told off. No matter how outgoing the person can be, I am quite sure he/she doesn't like to hear those unfriendly remarks.

It is not wrong to be honest. Of course being honest is better than saying sweet nothing when your comments are obviously far from the truth. Never never be a hypocrite, please. But in this case, just be honest when it is needed. If you are 100% sure that you are close enough to the person, or you are doing the right thing by telling them, then by all means, carry on. But if you see them once or twice a year, try to keep your mouth CLOSE.

Tell them they are getting fat, and your face might turn flat.

Number two. About people's income.

I don't understand what makes people think it is okay to ask people right at the face about how much they earn. GOSH! What a turn off. I seriously don't know what kind of reaction to give when people easily asking me about my salary. Especially in front of a lot of people. And when the person asking is obviously earning more than I am.

I don't ask people about their income, and I expect they do the same too. But somehow, Malaysians are too blunt.

Number three. About people's private life.

Malaysians think that we are being friendly by asking these kind of questions:

"Why are you not married yet?" to unmarried people above 23 years old.
"When are you getting a baby?" to married people without a child.
"When is your son/daughter getting another sibling?" to married people with just one child.

And many many more questions to that effect.

Shut up you stranger. You irritate me.

Okay, I'm gonna stop at 3. I have more, but I might get a heartburn thinking about insensitive things we Malaysians love to talk about.

Try having more neutral conversations and less personal issues especially when you meet people who you seldom see.

Come on. It is not too late to change.


  1. izyan yang cantik14 August 2013 at 09:42

    sokong kak pika sokonggg! hehe

  2. bagus izyan bagus!! orang KY kat malaysia nih memang merata.. :P