Thursday, 3 October 2013

The road not taken.

2nd October 2013 must have been one of the most shocking moments of my entire life. 

A friend from my secondary school batch 0004 just passed away. 

Nobody knows the reason of his death yet up till now, but I know that everyone from my school was just equally as shocked as I was upon hearing the news.

It's like a slap on my face when I saw my friend's message on whatsapp. 

At that time I was supposed to enjoy my dinner with my colleague at Satay Warisan Wak Radol near Kempas. We were happily talking and couldn't wait for our satay to arrive when suddenly I scanned through my handphone and saw the word "meninggal." I stopped talking and started to pay full attention on the screen and read again carefully.

A friend of mine asked us in the group whatsapp whether we were aware that our friend, Add just passed away. I literally lost for words and a lot of things came across my mind at that time. I felt kinda light headed.

My colleague must have seen my shocked face that she asked me why. I told her the news but I couldn't explain well. I had a lump in my throat and my eyes felt so hot. In a few seconds they were watery but I refused to let the tears drop. 

When I was a bit more calm and had regained my energy back, I started filling in and told my colleague about this guy.

This guy was a friend from secondary school and he used to come in and out my class though we never actually had the chance to be classmates in school. He was a friendly and chatty kind of person. I remember that he was in my group for PBSM in form 3. It was just for some group activity, but even with that I found him funny and he always tried to make our group alive. 

I also remember that he was a very generous person. Seriously he was. He could spend a lot of money on his friends without asking for anything back. He was one of the people who preferred to directly call rather than sending sms. After SPM, he always called our batchmates and just talked about anything under the sky, including me. At school we weren't really like the best of friends but the fact he also called me just to catch up is something I find really amazing. It's funny how I can even remember some of our conversations about how a guy used to have crush on this girl. 

Funny. It feels like yesterday.

He's such a good friend indeed. After a long long time, suddenly out of the blue he sent messages to me on facebook just trying to catch up. Asking how I was doing, he told me that he wanted to go to our friends' weddings and wanted to start mingling around again. One of the random stuff is that he told me about a girl he used to like at school. According to him, after one particular incident, this girl just refused to talk to him. Up till that day he was still hoping that he could meet her. He actually said that he tried to collect some information and finally he got this girl's number and started calling her again. I just laughed when he told me that. Kinda funny how much he went through to track this girl again. 

Anyway, after that day, a few times he had tried to chat with me again on facebook but I didn't really take the time to actually reply. 

Until 2 days ago when I got this piece of news, my heart just stopped and couldn't help feeling sad. I realise now that I wasn't really a good friend to him. Somehow I regret not putting more effort to keep in touch with a friend like him. :'(

To arwah Lt. Addrie Hisyam who was a sailor, may your soul rest in peace. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atasmu. Innalillahi wainna ilaihirajiun.

*Banyak betul orang terdekat meninggal kebalakang ni. To my late auntie (makwe) as well, semoga Allah tempatkan makwe bersama-sama orang-orang yang beriman. Amin...

No matter how clear you think the road ahead of u may be, think again. 
Allah might just change it in a split second. 


  1. An excellent eulogy Iqa. Indeed touching.

  2. Tqvm for the sharing. Truly, arwah was a generous man. Chosen call than sms. Like to belanja friends. Tq 4 nice sharing. -friend in rmn

  3. Thank you Anonymous for reading this tribute. At least we know for sure that arwah will be deeply missed by his friends and family. :)

  4. only one person what happnd to him

  5. i still dont know what happened to him, Anonymous..