Monday, 11 November 2013

The Blame Game

"How would you know it was my fault? I did everything I could to be here on time, but clearly the luck was not on my side. The clock was broken that the alarm didn't go off at the right time this morning, the road was slippery because a lorry in front dropped some oil so I had to drive verry slowly just to make sure I can be here in one piece, a big huge cow was crossing the road at the very corner where I had to make a u-turn and the cleaner just had to clean the stairs when I was about to rush to swipe my card."

Okay, so that's a whole long list of excuses just to let people know you are not entirely at fault. Blame the clock, blame the lorry in front of you, blame a cow and blame somebody else. Just anything or anyone. As long as you are freed from trouble.

Or probably NOT.

Do you know that putting blames on other things just make you look miserable?

People seem to enjoy turning the table on others when something in their life just don't go as planned. 

Having financial problem? - Blame it on the inflation. 
Having trouble with relationship? - Blame it on your endless work at the office.
Having problem with health?- Blame it on people who always invite you to dine out.

..........and the list goes on.

How far does this blaming game bring you? 

Stop complaining and start finding alternatives. You run your life, not others.

I am tired of people who endlessly blaming on every worthless little thing just to prove a point that they are not entirely at fault. 

One piece of advice for you people out there who complain more than finding solutions: 

Get a life!

Oh, I blame it on you dear mocha (in general) for making me fat in London. :P

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