Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A token of appreciation

I have never traveled as frequent as these past 2 years. Since my sister has moved to the east coast of Malaysia, taking a flight to visit her is almost a normal thing. Well, driving is never an option anymore nowadays as my parents are not keen to be in the car anything more than 3 hours. As long as we plan things ahead and buy the flight tickets early, the price won't be that expensive. 

Despite being used to traveling, being in a plane or even in a car for that matter, makes me uncomfortable almost all the time. Since small I have been the one with a weak tummy. Due to that, my parents would never forget to bring a plastic bag for me just in case an emergency strikes during our long trips to anywhere.

Although now I am becoming more resilient towards motion sickness, bumpy rides never fail to scare me a bit. They make me think of all the negative possibilities that might happen to me at that moment. I might appear cool by reading something or act as if I am sleeping, but only Allah knows how my mind runs wild to the extend that I think that it would be my last time traveling.

At that very moment, I would start remembering of all the things I have achieved and the dreams that have yet been fulfilled. I would start thinking of all the things I should and should not have done, the people whom I love and the people whom I've taken granted for. My head would spin and my stomach would make unstoppable flips. Almost every bit and pieces of my life would flash right in front of my eyes.

At times like that I would silently make some prayers. Hoping that Allah will give me yet another chance to change anything that can be changed. When the turbulence ends, I would be so relieved and hope the journey ends soon. Nothing makes me happier than having my two feet firm on the ground again.

I see traveling from a different perspective nowadays. Not only it broadens my view by looking at the places I travel to, but it also keeps on reminding me of the things I have and should be appreciative of.

Every single little thing leads to another, and I believe firmly that we are the ones that control our own lives. If we are determined of making a change,we should definitely do it and never wait till the last minute. If we have people that we might want to show our appreciation, make it now, make it everyday if it is possible.

I was browsing through my facebook newsfeed this morning and saw this quote at MIX fm:

Appreciation is the fuel for achievement! 

How true is that? Even as an employee I would love to be appreciated. Why find faults when we know showing appreciation is more fruitful? Hurm...with that, I would like to take this opportunity to express my short token of appreciation here. Well, here goes... :)

To all my family, friends and people who are close to me, far away or even those who I have never even met probably, sincerely I appreciate your presence. You might not see what you may have contributed to my life, but indeed, being there or just being a part of my life is good enough. Thank you and may Allah bless you and protect you from any harm. :)


  1. I strongly agree. People tend to appreciate things more back at home when they travel. Especially when visiting third world countries. Syukurlah.

    P.S. Ah finally an update. I've been meaning to ask. ;)

    1. I am soo glad and proud to be a Malaysian. Even if I compare our country to the developed countries sekalipun, I still prefer Malaysia anytime. This is where I grew up, this is where I learn the meaning of life, and this is where most of my favourite people are living in. :)

      p/s: thanks for taking time to check this blog. people rarely lalu pun this page anymore. :P