Wednesday, 10 September 2014

If I ever stop smiling

Lately I have been so stressed out with work. 

Files keep on haunting me one after another. Deadlines are chasing after me without any sympathy. The drilling sound coming from next door also just makes a dracula out of me.

At times like this I just need some support from people around to remind me of the real reason to live. I have come to realise that since the day I started working, I have become more and more serious. I tend to forget how I used to be anymore. :(

I used to be the optimistic one in my circle of friends. Now, I can't even find the right things to say to make myself appear less boring. I never had any problem finding an interesting topic to talk to people. Yet now, silence passes through me like it's the normal thing to have.

I am scared of what I am becoming. I really am. Being a boring and stern person is the last thing I ever want to be.


Anyway, if one day I ever need a reason to smile, maybe you should remind me that:

The river never stops flowing,
The earth never stops spinning, 
The sun never stops shining,
And the Almighty never stops loving..