Sunday, 28 December 2014

The ugly side of Malaysians

Sitting at one corner while waiting for my parents in Subang airport, I saw literally a mountain of goods in boxes ready to be distributed to the flood victims in the East Coast of Malaysia. It made me think, somehow disasters like this do bring the best out of the people. Hand in hand we help those who are in need. Malaysians are generally generous and kind-hearted people. 

Many a times we are tested with heavy tests and tragedies especially during this year 2014. One after another test, we are all standing still and pray for one another. 

From the missing aircraft MH370 to the shot down MH17, from the water crisis in a few states to the non-stop heavy rain and flood in the east coast, and just recently, the breaking news of a missing aircraft of AirAsia QZ8501, we, Malaysians, are still praying for the best for our country.

It is heart wrenching however, as it is supposed to be one of our best years because it is the Visit Malaysia Year 2014. Somehow, we are now known globally for all the wrong reasons. *sad*

At one moment I am touched by our selfless citizens that go all out in building our country again. Yet at another moment, I am disgusted by people who only know how to bark in the net, criticising everyone else but him/herself for the disasters. 

Politics and Malaysians somehow cannot be separated it seems. From the smallest to the biggest issue, everything is politicised. I hate to see how people can turn 180 degrees and show their ugly side just to defend their 'super heroes' and condemning the other parties without even thinking of the consequences or the facts. People usually call these people as the 'keyboard warriors' as they are only very brave in the social media. 

What kind of things do they expect to see after spreading the old folk tales to people and spreading stupid rumors? 

Peace? Love? Unity? A better PM maybe?

Non of the above I can say. If these people just keep their mouths shut and donate more in the quiet besides helping those truly in need sincerely, Malaysia will definitely be a better place for all.

Not just for the tourists, but for the rakyat too. 

Yeah, if only, IF ONLY we have more MATURED and SENSIBLE rakyats it is.

For heaven sake, stop blaming the government or any other political parties on the things that happen to our country. Especially on things which are beyond our control.

Learn to be more POSITIVE and HELPFUL without JUST HOPING for HELP from others. I believe we have brains and energy to contribute to our country too.

I pray that our generous and kind-hearted citizens outweigh the number of these 'keyboard warriors'. 

Am I asking too much? Hope not though.

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