Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Reality Check

The effect that one has on another person is truly amazing. From happiness to hope to disappointment, a person can totally play a big role on another person's emotion. However, not everyone realises how they might  affect other people's feelings or state of mind. It requires more than just common sense on how one should act or how words should be properly chosen.
Although we too are capable of controlling  our own emotions, sometimes we tend to get carried away and simply let scars enter the heart.  
Probably it's because we have high hopes on others. Probably we are always optimistic and never really think others have such low common sense. Probably we are just too dense. 

Probably what we really need, is a reality check.   


  1. What I would do is by having a lower expectations and hope thats it more likely that the outcome will exceed those expectations.
    Though people might ask "Why are you so pessimistic all the time?"

    For me disappointment is what makes happiness happiness. If you are happy all the time, then happiness is just average. You then realized that true happiness isn't about feeling happy all the time, but being able to feel neutral at all things.

    Hm.. I wonder if we can aim higher at the same time. :D

    1. Hahaha! I don't think you are a pessimist. A person who lowers down an expectation doesn't necessarily mean he or she is a pessimist. You are simply matured and more experienced in life maybe? (wow:P)

      p/s: no harm in aiming higher. just as long we know what we are aiming for. :D

  2. or probably some people talk faster than what their brain can process. they forget to think before saying things that might affect someone's life. these kinda people live in a fairyland. not the real world. or they are just kids trying to act mature. they should be kicked out of our lives before further damage is done.

    1. Hahah! Sounds scary but maybe that's exactly what we've got to do. People who don't seem to be sensitive enough to people's feelings can be cancerous somehow. If only it's that easy to kick someone out of our lives.