Wednesday, 4 February 2015

No one else

No matter how much you trust someone or how much you think someone really cares about you, you can never put 100% responsibility on that person. One can only give suggestions and pray that you do the right thing. But asking a person what the right thing to do is like asking that person to take over your life, when he or she has a life of his or her own.

We can always think that our life is that important and if we have a problem, our trusted people should drop other things and lend their ears to our stories. However, we shouldn't forget how others have their lives to run too. They too have problems that they themselves can't solve easily.

Always be prepared to realise that somehow we live as one person. One person that leads a life. A life that is important to only ourselves. Putting high hopes on others to solve anything we have is not a good move.

Yes, we can share our problems to others. Yes, we can pour our feelings to people. But never, expect much in return. After all, it's us who make the decision. It's us who run that particular life. Not anyone else.


  1. Everyone make their own choices. I make some terrible decisions sometimes, but they're mine to make.
    I think having trusted someone who are smart can help us make decisions even when we ourselves can't be trusted. Sort of like asking for recommendations on gadgets, fashion, investment etc. Least I would do is coming out with things that I don't want to or won't do. So I'll not be pressured with unfavourable suggestions.

    The final say should always be in our hand.

    1. Yeah, in that case, it's always good to consult people for something that we are not familiar with. But when it involves a life changing kind of decision, usually people share stories and ask for opinions just as an assurance that they are indeed doing the right thing. Though at times we might get more confused when we ask for opinions from too many people. :P