Friday, 13 March 2015

Tribute to strong mothers

Alhamdulillah, just 3 days ago my sister gave birth to another baby boy who is soo lovely. Call me an obsessed auntie or whatever, I just love kissing his soft cheeks and carrying him here and there. I guess I am a bit more excited this time because I never had the opportunity to be around when my sister or sister in-law were carrying Armaan or Arisya or even during Armaan’s or Arisya’s first few days.

I am just glad I could be in the hospital with my other family members when my sister gave birth to Baby A last Tuesday. Listening to my sister’s labour story and seeing myself how she is somehow still in pain, I am very much amazed how women can be so strong and go through all the difficulties just to make sure their babies are safely born.

presenting my new nephew: Baby A :)

Of course, as I have expected, in the hospital, my dad told us again the story of how me and my other siblings were born in our own unusual ways. Yes, I have heard the story no less than 50 times but I still cringe each time I listen to the story. My mummy is a person with a very low pain threshold, yet she almost sacrificed her life to make sure I was safely delivered. I can’t describe how I am still quite surprised that despite having one leg popped out first instead of my head, I still managed to see the world. Alhamdulillah. :')

I am sure all mothers have their own different stories to tell their children, but one thing that mothers have in common is that they will give anything to have their babies safely delivered even if it means their lives are at stake. Carrying the baby around with backache, pretty bad morning sickness and worst of all, mood swings, I really adore the patience a mother has to go through for almost 10 months plus months and months of adapting to parenthood.

I have seen so many mothers with small child/children talk fondly of their children and of how much they love them to the moon and back. How they get pretty angry if some people mistreat their children. The love a mother has for her children is unconditional. It is magical. That is why people usually say mothers know best. :)

With all the sacrifices a mother has given, I find it very strange if a child takes a mother for granted. Mothers should always be in our top priority no matter what, moral wise or even religion wise. Even IF one day they do something that is not according to our liking, always remember that without their love and care, without them raising us, without them at the first place, there would never be us. 

If we want our children to respect us when we are old and grey, then better be sure that we ourselves respect our mothers. I always believe that one of the keys to a happy and blessed life is to always love and respect our parents. InsyaAllah, Allah will ease every single thing that we do. 

To all strong mothers out there, you all are the BEST! 

p/s: Please pray that I can be one too one day! ;P

Thanks mummy for always being a lovely mummy to your daughter. I love you to the moon and back! ♡


  1. Right, hence why its always mothers first, second and third.

    PS: owh. The Baby A's eyes .... :D

    1. Exactly.. ^_^ What's with his eyes? Like his aunt's? :P

    2. Nah .. I cant tell .. :P