Thursday, 30 April 2015


Different people have different ways of releasing stress. Some might smoke heavily, some might find their comfort food such as ice creams and some might shop for stuff which probably are not even needed. However, not all stress releasing activities are bad. Some even do activities which are good for their body and health such as going to gym. Not only it's good for their health, they can even meet people and make new friends.

In my case, I share my daily activities or happenings to my family and close friends. Though sometimes I do have to admit that I tend to tell people a bit too much about my life, that I have a tendency of not remembering the things that I have told. *my bad if I bore anyone to tears*

No matter what ever way one uses to release stress, the important thing is to remember not to hurt anyone during the stress releasing activity. Some people may irresponsibly let go of their anger to people who are not even involved in the situation. They tend to hurt others by using harsh words or worse, by using physical.

I totally understand that patience is something that is very difficult to achieve. I myself am very temperamental and sometimes can't really manage my anger. That is why the kind of people we are mingling with is very important to us. They are the ones that might shape how and what we become. During my training last 2 weeks, i was even given a free advice on selecting a partner in life as the trainer somehow roughly knows my characteristic. *blegh*

Ok people, may u all find the best technique to destress!

Currently, quite obsessed with travelling. Looking at the world definitely brings a lot of happiness to me. ;)

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Transition in life

Transition in life happens every now and then. However, the effect is somehow different to different people. Some may adapt to the transition easily, while other may find it a bit more difficult.

An easy example that has been bothering me lately is of course, the implementation of GST in Malaysia. I shall not discuss whether or not GST is a good thing as it would just stir people's emotion. The implementation of GST has directly affected all Malaysians. Obviously it is a new way of life that we have to abide, whether we like it or not. And from my observation, it is not something that people can adapt to easily. One complaint after another, and I am seeing pictures of receipts everywhere over the net for the 4th day already now. *yawn*

Okay, so transition doesn't just have to be the change of an era. It might even be the change in our daily routine. When one person has graduated from university, the transition might then be from a student life to a working life. That kind of transition usually takes time for a person to adapt to the lifestyle. Getting used to hanging out with friends to hanging out with colleagues obviously needs some time and as the social lifestyle also changes, it might even affect the emotion. 

In such transition, we might feel like we are losing something along the process. The attention we usually get from the people who we are used to be with, or the familiar feeling might no longer be there, hence affecting our emotions. The emptiness does hurt, but just for a while. As time passes by, we will start to move on or we might even enjoy the new surrounding that we are involved in.  

To me, any transition needs time. Time heals any negativity. Just give more time for something that we are not really used to. Try finding the positivity in something that we can't change. If we are entering a new phase of life, try to look for the good side of the new phase and make full use of it. If we are meant not to be in touch with some people anymore, try to find the good side of the people we are meant to stay in touch with. It applies to any situation. 

Because not all transitions are bad. It's how we ourselves deal with the situation.