Thursday, 30 April 2015


Different people have different ways of releasing stress. Some might smoke heavily, some might find their comfort food such as ice creams and some might shop for stuff which probably are not even needed. However, not all stress releasing activities are bad. Some even do activities which are good for their body and health such as going to gym. Not only it's good for their health, they can even meet people and make new friends.

In my case, I share my daily activities or happenings to my family and close friends. Though sometimes I do have to admit that I tend to tell people a bit too much about my life, that I have a tendency of not remembering the things that I have told. *my bad if I bore anyone to tears*

No matter what ever way one uses to release stress, the important thing is to remember not to hurt anyone during the stress releasing activity. Some people may irresponsibly let go of their anger to people who are not even involved in the situation. They tend to hurt others by using harsh words or worse, by using physical.

I totally understand that patience is something that is very difficult to achieve. I myself am very temperamental and sometimes can't really manage my anger. That is why the kind of people we are mingling with is very important to us. They are the ones that might shape how and what we become. During my training last 2 weeks, i was even given a free advice on selecting a partner in life as the trainer somehow roughly knows my characteristic. *blegh*

Ok people, may u all find the best technique to destress!

Currently, quite obsessed with travelling. Looking at the world definitely brings a lot of happiness to me. ;)


  1. well, it is easy to be angry and scold innocent bystanders. it makes one feel superior. mind you, but superior ONLY in his/her own eyes. unfortunately to others, he/she may appear foolish. that is why patience is a part of iman. those who are patient are winners. we will appear better, contained and smart if we are patient. when you feel like letting out that frustration and anger to others, think about how much victory there is in being patient. insyaAllah you will be rewarded. imagine getting a heart attack or stroke when we are scolding other people.. God forbid. this life is temporary. don't waste it on feeling angry and superior. coz the higher we think we are, the lower we are in His eyes.

    enjoy london =)

    1. sometimes people do regret with whatever harsh words they may have used. and by time, for sure they would love to be forgiven for being angry to others. i know i do. i wish i would be forgiven for all the wrong things i may have done or for the not so refined words i may have used. indeed, patience is a virtue. hope we both will become more patient with age.

      oh yes, i did enjoy london. every second of it. alhamdulillah! thanks darl! love u ;)

  2. Some people play games. It helps to escape life for a bit, whether it's through playing online with random players or real life friends through alternate reality.
    Though that's not applicable to me for the past 2 months so I did "shopping for stuff which are not even needed" since comfort food is out of the picture. -_-

    Anyway when stressed, most people just want to zone out. Escape from whatever they are stuck with.
    It doesn't even need to be fun or joyful. Cleaning room, doing dishes, ironing shirts etc.
    Those are things that I can remember doing during my study week before the finals.

    Totally agree with TOSOT above. Victory comes with patience.

    PS: If travelling is one of your way to destress, looks like you are going to be stress free until 2016. Eh.. Passport cover mcm nk pergi umrah .. :D

    Enjoy AUH/AMS/LHR

    1. playing games? haha! i know u do. i think it's not just not applicable for the past 2 months, but also for another 8 months or so? hope u'll find ways and means to destress during that period. i know u'll surely find some fun things to do. u're stronger than u think u are. wishing u the best, yeah? ;)

      p/s: i hope u are right. to a stress free 2015!! hooray! :D oh yes, malas nak cabut that passport cover.. bagi semangat to ziarah again insyaAllah. :)

      and yes, thanks. i did enjoy my trip :)