Friday, 5 June 2015

Show offs

I remember that I used to say that I won't take any offense on people unless they do something directly to me. I have a few friends who like to warn me of some other people who they think mean more harm than good to me. I usually just say thank you and take it with a pinch of salt as I have my own stance not to judge people unless any damage is done to me.

I think I am going to take my words back because I know now for sure that I am easily turned off by show offs. These show offs can be divided into two groups. One, those who are just interested in themselves and always think that they are better than the rest, and two, those who see themselves as the best among their circle and at the same time put the rest down, despite whatever they think are correct or not. 

In simple words, I am rather disgusted by this kind of people. 

Sometimes I just smile to one's brag on family, intelligence or beauty. They can talk like they have the most successful/well known family, siblings, cousins, uncles and the list goes on and on. Okay, so what you are saying might be true, but is it possible if you can put a little damper on it? Does it hurt if people do not know that much of your glittering success stories?    

And oh, some can do it rather subtly without sounding like they are actually bragging. Good job, you are one good actor/actress. I'm impressed. *clap clap* 

The thing is that, sometimes other people too might have things or stories which probably are even more bragging-worthy (I don't know if such things even exist), but people choose to keep quiet and let other people discover about them themselves. 

Hurm, to each his own. If you feel it is proper to brag, then, oh well... just carry on. But I think I might just start to stay away from these people before I become one myself. 

Personally, they do not harm me, but emotionally, they do.


  1. I'd do the same, to experience the "treatment" myself. Though it hurts having all the people around us repeatedly saying "I told you so" later on. Humbragging is the new low if you ask me. For me, its easier to make a new enemy by showing off instead of making new friend. Something my mother has been reminding me since I was small.

    Well, I do sometimes layankan whenever someone start talking about themselves. Just to see if sky is the limit. and again ... they always let me down. :)

    1. Though it hurts to hear someone saying "i told u so", the feeling of being able to have the dignity not to simply believe what one is saying is more rewarding. At least it's better than berburuk sangka with other people when we aren't sure ourselves how other people might behave. Talking about layankan people, i guess that's what we usually end up doing as we don't want to appear rude. But yeah, only God knows how badly we want to smirk when people start bragging about themselves.....