Friday, 31 July 2015

Me Time

I can't believe I'm saying this. But i think sometimes i do love to have a 'me time' more often. Nowadays i am easily hurt by people's heartless words.

As much as i dislike driving, i think i love the freedom i have when i am alone in the car. It's the only time when i can think deeply about something without any disruption. That's the only time i can sing at the top of my lungs. And that's probably one of the times i can cry my hearts out without feeling ashamed. Hoping that by the time i arrive at my destination, i shall feel alright again.

The more i meet people, the more ideas are exchanged. The more opportunities of listening to things which i might dislike. Sometimes it's also frustrating when we meet people at a wrong timing as they might not be in the best of mood or at the best state of mind.

Appearing hurt in front of a person is not something that i am fond of doing. Hence, i now prefer to refrain from being in such situations if i don't need to.

Hurm... i think i might drive by myself more often now.


  1. Some people call it showerthought. Since most people is in the situation during shower. I always did mine when im riding bike. Usually I cant recall the thoughts, ideas or any philosophical questions that race through my head during the ride.

    Well, sometimes all you need is for someone to listen. I do that a lot ... kot.
    I wish I had more time to do that these days. -_-

    You should make longer journey if you need more alone time ... to Kemaman perhaps .. :P

    1. Deep thoughts while riding. I wonder how it feels.. :D

      I like to have my deep thoughts in the car coz it feels like im free of any weird suggestions from people. And furthermore, I find it more relaxing with Lite fm or Mix fm songs entertaining my ears. It is really soothing. :)

      I think you do know how much I tend to let people listen to my stories. It feels good too... :) Just that there are things you don't have the heart to let people listen coz sometimes they may be a bit too crappy. :P Btw, u don't have to worry. There are loads of people who can listen to ur stories without getting bored. (as u have not that much of opportunity to ride ur bike anymore during this period)

      Hurmmm.... I don't mind driving to Kemaman alone. Until I have the permission to do so. Oh, and if I am confident enough to to do my side parking at least. :P