Friday, 18 September 2015

True friends are hard to find

Sometimes I feel like hugging my best friends for being so supportive. Be it in voicing out their opinions or ideas on any possible issues I have ever raised, they always know the right things to say. However, since most of them are very far away from me, the least I can do is to give them a virtual hug or some smileys through our whatsapp conversations. :P

Many a time I feel like ranting about some weird things which to me, are merely petty issues. However, despite the pettiness of the issue, they never really ignore my problems but instead give me their never ending support.

A normal acquaintance might just give some general statement to the issues I raise due to the unattached feeling she or he has to me.

However, true friends will make sure I feel good, loved, not abandoned and confident in myself. True friends make time and shall never come up with excuses.

Thanks darlings. You all know who you are! :) *hugs*


  1. You must be missing them a lot despite their craziness ...

    Hope all of you can get together soon... I'll find myself way out just to be safe .. :P

    1. Yes, i do.. even if i meet them today, i will start missing them tomorrow. :)

      That's just how we are. We are crazy.. but the crazier we are with each other, the stronger our bonds are. One day u shall meet all of them insyaAllah. Don't worry, no need to stay away. U can be just as crazy im sure. (Or crazier? :p)

  2. i miss u too fiqah....