Thursday, 26 November 2015

Competitive much?

Sometimes i don't understand. I rarely want to compete with people. Though when i do, i am very competitive. Usually it involves competitions or exams when you obviously need to switch on your competitive mode.

However, in just everyday life, i see nothing that appeals to me to become a competitive person. I don't see the need to compete in getting people's love and attention, i don't see the need to compete in winning people's heart, i don't see the need to compete in showing how nice and likeable i am to people around me.

I am basically happy with myself, my circle of people, my beliefs and where i am. I don't need people's assurance of what i should and shouldn't do in becoming a model stereotype lady.

I sincerely can't see what is there in me that people need to be so jealous about to actually compete with whatever i do. I am just being myself. Loud, annoying, sometimes chatty (or overly chatty..depends on how people see it really :p), easily agitated, too frank, not ladylike enough and many other not-so-wife-to-be-material characteristics.

Despite being all that, i am veryyy grateful to have people liking me for who i am. I don't ask everyone around to like me. There is no such thing, is there? Hence, when i have a friend who is always acting sweet in front of others but finding fault in me each time and not exactly that sweet towards me, as if trying to show that she is better off than me, i kinda feel weird.

What are you trying to prove actually Missie? Why are you always not happy with what i do and forever trying to show that you are always better in every single thing you do or have? Yes i might be annoying, but i don't bother you, do i? Can't you just be happy for me once in a while?

Oh's my birthday today and somehow that person's real self has been reflected clearly today. Though my sister always says, that she has seen that side of this friend of mine since long time ago.

Anyway, happy birthday to me. I love everyone around me who takes me for who i am. Also, thanks for the lovely wishes people! I feel loved ♡ hehe..

P/s: i miss my partner so much :( i wonder how you are doing there...


  1. Meh I replace your partner komen panjang-panjang meh *insert emoticon monyet tekup mulut disini*

    Sometimes darl, orang yg competitive ni memang ada masalah jiwa sendiri. It's not you, it's them really. So no need to wonder why they this to you jiwa dia sendiri yang kacau. You just keep being the awesome you, just keep being yourself to heck lah mereka yang tak tenang jiwa ni hokay?

    No need to compete for love and affection - true dat. Love can always grow and be divided accordingly if we love sincerely. Wahhh. Power aku bermadah pepagi ni.

    Happy birthday again darl!

    1. Awww laling, spot on! I think memang ada sedikit jiwa kacau orang2 macam tu...I really want to ignore these people and be indifferent instead, but sometimes memang agak up to the nose la perangai macam nih.. Thanks neddy, I shall keep on being my cacat self and berkawan ngan awesome cacat people like you. Hahaha! Oh, thankss again for the wish!!! Love u loads! Muahs!!

      Andddd~ Thanks for replacing R***** and comment panjang2.. heheh.... :P

  2. Hi,

    Im just back from my 12-days outdoor module. your blog was the third thing I check when I got my phone back from the instructors. WA/Twitter/Blog. Im not sure if im expecting of more posts during my absence. Thanks to you friend kat atas ni for filling my positiong when im not around . :)


    I think she has her own personal problem in the first place. The need to be better than someone, too bad that someone need to be you.hmm... When I encounter this kind of people, I just let them know they are better than me. I acknowledge them how better they are than me, how less smart I am compared to them. Just to make them feel better.

    Wishing you Happy birthday again Iqa.. Hope we will be 1000 miles closer on our next birthday.

    1. Hiiii Asyid!! Welcome2 back on land and to where there is at least some internet connection. :p (i know u have difficulties in getting the 3g and all). This blog writer has been missing u the whole 12 days. :p thanksss for checking this blog that quickly once u got hold of ur phone.. hehe

      Yeah.. back to the topic of this blog.. i guess u have a point there..but i somehow don't really feel like giving in to her ego, which probably makes me equally just as bad.. ugh.. oh well.. i think i will give that method of urs a try one day. Just to make her happy... and see what her response would be like.. hehe...

      Thanks for the zillionth time birthday wish.. i do hope so too for 2016 and the upcoming years... InsyaAllah. :))