Friday, 20 November 2015

Perfect day

The sky was clear as the clouds drifted away. Giving way to the bright yellow sun to perfectly distribute its warmth.

Came then the friendly wind. Blowing gently onto our faces. Slowly wiping away the sweat that was about to trickle.

The leaves on trees collided among themselves. Making soothing sound to our ears which probably we didn't often hear.

Even the birds were chirping a melodious happy melody. As though they were enjoying the moment, equally as the both of us were.

Together we lay down on the grass that felt like a carpet. Neither it was sharp, nor it was wet. It was simply green, soft and comfy.

We gazed into the sky, the beautiful clear blue sky. Appreciating every moment of tranquility while breathing in slowly the freshness of the air.

And we closed our eyes. It was a perfect day.


As we opened again our eyes, the sun was already setting, the clouds were already nearing. The wind started blowing a bit stronger, giving the both of us a bit of shiver.

The green grass turning dark, as the sky was slowly losing its light.

Although such moment was brief, it was not the end. We both know that another perfect day shall come again.