Thursday, 31 December 2015



Oh well, just thought of joining in the crowd coz I was rather intrigued to see which pictures the app would choose. As expected, pictures from Mekah and Madinah would be in. :P

2015 has been a bit different from previous years. I don't think I have made that many new friends this year, but alhamdulillah, interesting happenings that are important enough for my years to come have taken place. Quite a lot i must say. :)

These 9 pictures only reflect a little part of my life in 2015. Not even one tenth of them. 2015 is a turning point for my future, my career and life as a whole. I am looking forward to 2016  with much hope and wishing that 2016 will be as great. If not, greater, insyaAllah

With that 2015, I bid you farewell. 



  1. I want to be in your best 9 for 2016 :D

    1. insyaAllah u will... u might even be in all 9 :P