Sunday, 13 December 2015

Be in my shoes

When I kind of disagree with a person's action, it's quite easy for me to say to the person directly only if i am not that attached with the person. However, it gets especially hard when it involves someone who i am pretty close to.

Reason being, i am too scared to hurt the person's feeling. In the end, I become too careful in giving advice or voicing out my opinion. Somehow, the message that i try to convey, does not successfully get across. 

I try once in a while writing here in my blog to pass some message. However, i know for sure that not that many people read it. I used to write and share the link in my Facebook or Twitter or during student days, my YM status. As i am not really into Facebook anymore, i feel kind of embarrass to share some petty issues there. Knowing people nowadays only share more serious and global issues, i find exposing my blog to the world is kind of... lame..

What i do now is that i usually try to nonchalantly talk and give some examples to people. Probably they can see what i am doing, but i don't really bother. Afterall, i am dying to get my message across, only not in a direct manner.

I basically give examples to make them see a bigger picture. A picture of them inside it. Of them being in other people's shoes. If they have a feeling that it is NOT the way they want to be treated, then they should get the message that they SHOULD NOT be doing the same.

Some people do not realise that 2 can play that game. Or probably they can't see that what goes around comes around. For example, if some people dislike their parents for some reason and treat them badly, can't they see that their beloved children may one day do the same thing to them? 

There are a few other examples i wanna give but i guess people can think by themselves.. All that i really wanna say here is to always put ourselves in other people's situation before doing or saying something. 

Only then, we will know if it hurts others or not.

I miss taking shoe shots like this :)


  1. Hi Iqa,

    as you said, What goes around comes around. Sometimes we really want people to realize their wrongdoings but its still up to them whether they choose to do something. Tak nampak rumah senget kalau tak keluar rumah.

    PS : Congratulations ... you beat your 21yo Iqa .. :)

    1. Hi Asyid :)

      I just hope people are willing to make the changes. Changing without sincerity somehow defeats the whole purpose kan.. but people who can see that they are not exactly doing the right thing but still choose to stay the same are just the worst type though.. hope we do not fall under that category :p

    2. And yesss! Thanksss for the wish! Thanks for keep supporting me.. hehe :*