Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Fulfilling a childhood dream (in a way)

Oh my God. Please tell me what I am doing here....

As I walked out of the lift, I saw around 20 people were sitting patiently at the seats provided. There was a table for registration, and I made my way to write down my name and IC number.The person in charge passed me a sticker with number 29 written on it, and I stuck it on my shawl. There. As simple as that, I was registered for an audition.

Asking why I was trying out for this audition?
Here's why: I just wanted to do something a bit different and challenge myself for weird things that I have never imagined doing.

I actually have a private things-to-do list, that I would like to do before I actually.. hurm.. well.. die maybe? Trying out for an audition is one of those things. Of course I had once dreamt of becoming an actress or anything that relates to be on TV, but I think I have stopped dreaming because being a realist is so much easier. I figured that I have a job that I enjoy, I have my family around, and people who I love to keep me happy and that's enough.

So that's what I thought. However, after reading or listening to inspiring stories, I just can't help thinking that I should once in a while try to get out of my own comfort zone. 

I just finished rereading a book that I enjoyed so much. It's about a writer who had a writer's block and was encouraged by her editor to take a holiday to take her mind off everything and start afresh. Little did she know that she was bound to encounter countless happenings that lead her out of her own comfort zone.

I believe that life gets pretty flat and boring if we only do the same routine and we are afraid to get out of the circle. Doing something different as simple as trying out a new fashion or taking a new route to work can really make us feel more positive. Planning it ahead somehow makes us feel more excited and look forward for a brand new day.

Now that I have started working, I realise that there is not much impromptu things I have done compared to my student days. I used to just jump on random trains to go to places which I wasn't really sure of, bought bus or flight tickets on impulse to visit friends or family, or even walk aimlessly to unfamiliar areas just to take my mind off the stress.

Nowadays to destress, I prefer to go for body massage which of course, costs quite a lot. I can't simply take a trip to anywhere like those days as I have responsibility towards my job and I don't have that many days off anyway. Oh well,it is still not a good excuse for me not to do something crazy.

So, coming back to my audition story, I actually went through it. ALONE. Was planning to go with my colleagues but they had something else to do as it was planned at the very last minute. And yeah,I didn't do any homework, I just brought along my CV and some photocopied certificates which I already had in my room from my previous interview session.

At one point, I really wanted to make a u-turn and just leave without even going through it. But as I have waited for about 5 hours, I figured that it was only smart if I proceed with the crazy idea. I was just there to tick my list anyway, not to be called for real. :D

My partner was nice enough to give me a call to soothe my nerves a bit before my turn. At that time I just couldn't believe I was about to go for an audition. I didn't have any appetite, I felt like throwing up and my head was spinning. At least with him calling, I could put my mind off the audition. (Thanks for calling! :*)

Actually, I am glad I did it. It was one of my most refreshing acts for the past few years. I could say that it was such a nice experience to see how Sri Pentas actually looks from the inside. I could say that I have been to the cafetaria, washrooms, surau, and the primeworks studios. The people inside the audition room were surprisingly friendly and they instantly made me feel welcomed. They didn't know me yet they wished me luck. Some even gave some tips for the audition. Thanks so much!

 While waiting for my turn :D

The part which I enjoyed so much was of course, when I had to start talking while looking into the camera. Having the camera rolling with a boom mic hanging in the room, I felt like somehow my dream as a young girl has already accomplished.

I am an engineer by education, hence I didn't care what the turn out would be like. Of course as a now-realist, *ehem* I know people with mass comm background will have the advantage. Plus, I was there to fulfill my list. Having those things in my mind, I just performed like how I always am. Just being myself, and no expectations whatsoever. It's somehow a good platform to boost my confidence level.

So,yeah... such a good experience it was. If you are wondering what audition it was, it's an audition to be a host in a popular TV show in TV9. Have a guess? :P

Presenting, one of the contestants.. :D


  1. Syukurlah you can cross it from one of your list (Im not going to call it bucket list >_<)

    Despite not having your crazy colleague around you still managed to wait until your turn. Hopefully the one who cut your queue wouldn't be selected. asyik asyik muka dia je. Eh you didnt mention what show are you auditioning for. :P

    BTW , I wish I could be there to support instead of just calling you from thousand miles away. To think again, yeah. maybe if we were going together, I might just try it for fun . :)

    1. weeee~ pantas nyeee comment :P
      yeah, coz u don't like it to be called as bucket list, im just gonna say, it's just another typical list :D

      yep, not gonna mention what im auditioning for here. im afraid someone tries to google for it and suddenly land here at my page.. hahaha!

      anyway, u always support me kan. don't worry, a simple gesture of support does help. no matter how far one might be.. yep, let's try out for some other auditions maybe.. hehe... just for fun kan? :)

  2. i read the entire post without missing any words. u really made me feel so xcited & proud of your braveness! hwaiting!

    1. thanks kak ros! u too, hwaiting in doing whatever u have always wanted to do! ^^