Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Sabar & Syukur

There is one thing i know for sure that i am not:
 A patient person. 

My parents always remind me to always be more patient in any situation. I get angry, agitated and sometimes hurt easily that i tend to raise my voice when such situation takes place. Though when i try to control my anger and my voice, it somehow becomes shaky and i start crying.

What i seriously want to be in years to come, is to be a more patient person. To be less temperamental and to be more sensible.

Anyway, i just wanna share something which i think is quite valuable. Each time i almost lose my patience, i will try to remember what a good-hearted friend of mine once told me:
"Sis, jika kita fikir sifat sabar itu adalah sifat terpuji yang pertama, kita silap kerana sifat syukur itu adalah pertama."

He said that when we have syukur in our heart, we can easily have sabar. Because when we are grateful for a certain situation, the feeling overwhelms the regretful feeling or anger that we have inside our heart.

For instance, if we can't go out of the house due to a flat tyre, we should be grateful that the tyre doesn't blow in the middle of nowhere when we are driving. Or if the food that we order tastes aweful, we shouldn't get angry instantly but instead, we should be grateful that we have money to spend outside compared to others who can't even afford a glass of plain water.

In any circumstances, always try to look for something good in everything. Being thankful is always better than complaining about something. 

Bersyukurlah sentiasa. Semoga dengan itu kesabaran akan turut hadir sentiasa. 


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