Friday, 11 December 2015

Stop and Feel

Do you realise how busy we are with our daily lives that we tend to take everything for granted? We take the people we love for granted, we take the things that we enjoy so much for granted, and we take our precious time for granted. We have been living a very fast paced life with less appreciation of the things that we see everyday.

We say we love our friends and family so much, but yet, when we are with them, we spend more time with gadgets. When we have the time to talk to our loved ones, we prefer to complain on how lives have been so hard on us rather on saying how thankful we are to at least have people around who still appreciate our presence.

We say we love having free time so that we can enjoy every second by relaxing with the things and people we enjoy. But when we do have the time, we waste it with useless social media. We prefer interacting with the people in a different area rather than interacting with the people right across of us just in the same room.

We simply walk pass the things that we used to enjoy looking without even having a glance at it. We just listen to songs that we like so much without focusing on the melody or why we like them so much. We wash our hands using that favourite soap of ours without even smelling in the sweet smell which we used to enjoy sniffing in deeply when we were younger. We gobble our food without even taking time to enjoy every bite of it.

Why? Because everything we do in our daily life is just like  pressing a replay button. We are so used to everything. The people, the place, the taste, the smell, that we forget how to feel. We become less sensitive. We care even less.

Asking further, why? Because we have so much in our minds. Our work and the stressful life make us live this way. We somehow give in to such lifestyle. We make ourselves miserable for not even trying to make time for ourselves. For those who we love. For the things that we enjoy the most.

Consequently making other people around feel miserable too.


This is a reminder for me and for everyone, to take our time, to be happy, and to enjoy even the simplest things in life. Even if we have to, just stop and feel.. the presence of everything.


  1. Hi Iqa,

    during my 12days without gadget, to be frank it was the most closest bonding we had among the boys. Time passes quite slow at first, then it goes back to normal. Stop and feel .. indeed.

    1. Hello Asyid!

      Definitely that's the perfect time to really stop and feel. That's the time when you are closest to nature and no interruption whatsoever in building trust between friends. Glad u find obs interesting ;)