Saturday, 5 December 2015

Those were the days

Sometimes i just miss those days.

The days when i didn't have to think about things that deeply. Those carefree days when i couldn't even be bothered of what people think. The days when things were much simpler.

The days when i think i smiled so much more.


  1. These days however,

    I care less about what others think of me. Thanks for that Syg!
    Im sure youll be able to be your oldself in no time.

    senyum sikit!

    1. Huhu... have we changed our characters somehow? I guess i need to recall my advices to u in order for me to get back to my old self..

      Oh well.. for u Asyid, i am sure i can senyum bukan sikit.. banyak2 pun boleh ;)