Tuesday, 19 January 2016

India is more than just Taj Mahal

It is true when people say India is different from other countries. 

A few days back I went to India for a conference and took the opportunity to travel around a bit. I had been talking about going to India for quite some time already, so I was super excited when my boss finally  agreed to bring me along for the conference.

So the conference was from 7th to 9th January 2016. As the schedule was quite packed, we only had the chance to go out on the final day of the conference around 7pm for dinner at Saket Slect City Walk. Got the chance to go 'missing' for awhile with Munirah to buy our sweater before the other 4 guys were relieved to see us safe and sound, looking happy with our catch of the night. Seriously, sorry guys for leaving without letting you know where we were heading to. *I even got a proper warning from my boss for not roaming my phone as it was dangerous, especially during emergency time.(>.< ")*

5 from Malaysia, 1 from Mauritius Guess what? We were seated on the stage as no other tables were available. :) 

Showing off some dusty skill. Can you see what I was holding?

6 of us with 4 Hard Rock Cafe staff. They must have liked us that much to ask to take photo with us. :D *This is before Munirah and I went 'missing'*

Anyway, on the 10th of January, me, my boss,Munirah and Alwi checked out from our hotel. Our driver, Bansi, picked us up at the hotel and that's when our real journey started. 

If you are looking for a leisure trip, India might not at all be suitable for you. However, if you are up for an adventure, and to see how magical and different one country can be, then India is definitely a place you should visit. India is a colourful country, never quiet, never boring and definitely full of life.

During the trip, I saw a lot of eye opening events: 

Some people are living on the streets, but they can still live happily. 

I saw small kids who roam around the streets waving to us, and they probably have some of the most sincere smiles I have ever seen. 

The roads in India are so unsystematic, but much to my surprise, there was not even one accident that caused death. Even minor accidents are very very rare in India. You should see how they drive there. With the honks are heard almost every other second, people crossing the roads like they are made of steel, and many different animals walking/sleeping on the road as if they are in the jungle, I just didn't see any accidents when I was there. Seriously... it is like a miracle.

I remember our first tour guide in Delhi, Vikee, said:
"To drive in India, you don't need to have any experience or a license. You only need 3 things:
Good horn.
Good brakes.
Good luck,"

Gosh, how we laughed so hard when he heard that. But as days passed by, I figured that it is somehow very true.................

Anyway, we went for the golden triangle trip. From Delhi to Agra, thereon to Jaipur, and finally back to Delhi again. India has so many historical places to visit and of course, one of the 7 wonders of the world is in India. It is no other than the Taj Mahal. 

At first I thought seeing Taj Mahal was the only thing I was keen to see. But I was wrong because India is more than just Taj Mahal. The forts and castles in India are magnificent. The life itself in India is full of energy. The bazaar and the food also, are amongst the things that people should not leave without.

I guess I have done most of the things there which I had been wanting to do and see. We took the horse ride to Taj Mahal, rode on the elephant to Amer Fort, we were wearing Indian traditional clothes while we were there in India, I played with the elephants and cobra, we ate a variety of Indian food, Munirah and I tried the ayurveda spa, we most definitely haggled at the bazaar, we got to cross the roads just like how the locals do it ....and.... the thing I never thought I did: 

Was to dance in saree. ^___^

Seriously, to me it was the ultimate. To be fair, I did think of doing it, but I never thought I could. So I guess this is just another thing I can tick off my bucket list. Weheww! I have somehow stepped out of my own comfort zone. IN INDIA! :)

Yep, how can anyone not agree. India is just amazing. Let the pictures tell you some of our amazing experience there. 

 Chandni Chowk, Delhi

Qutb Minar, Delhi

The Taj Mahal,Agra

On our tanga ride (horse ride) to Taj Mahal. 

The horse ride :)

Maharaja. Hahahah! He was almost forced into buying the turban before our elephant ride.

Our elephant ride to Amer Fort, Jaipur.

 Amer Fort, overlooking the lake. Yeah, quite hazy... The air in India is kinda poluted now, but we were lucky that the days have been sunny all the way. :)

The weird looking tourist in Amer Fort. ^_^

 One shot from far. :D

 Le boss almost got knocked down by the tame cow. :P 

Chandpole Bazar, Jaipur (?) Too tired to even try to look at all the stuff. And I almost ran out of cash at this time... blegh....

The highlight of my trip. The dance. Didn't get it on my phone, so I had to snap the pic from my camera... hahaha

Something that I didn't plan to do. But the cobra was too cute to resist. Seriously.

And.... the baby elephant, Montash, is just too adorable!

Oh, there is just another thing I wanted to do but I didn't get the chance yet. I haven't been on the tuktuk! Oh well, I guess that just gives more reason to visit the Incredible India once again.

With a certain someone probably this time? ;) 

The tuk tuk.

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