Monday, 1 February 2016

Bizarre audition experience

I don't know where I got the strength or the bravery to go to yet another audition. Yes, another one. *crazy*

This time I went with my ex colleague, Nunu, because we have our own private bucket list to tick off (#ipvolusibucketlist). Only the 2 of us managed to go but it was good enough to have someone to do crazy things together. :)

So on that eventful Saturday, we registered ourselves for the audition at Sri Pentas around 12.20 pm. As time passed, I knew for a fact that we would have to wait for a long time, so Nunu and I decided to have our lunch at the cafetaria. I asked the girl at the registration counter which batch we were in. 10th batch she said, and batch 8 just got called right before that. Each batch takes roughly 30 minutes before the next batch would be called up. 

20 people from each batch, and everyone was supposed to take a written test as the 1st stage of the audition. Glad we asked or else we had to wait hungrily for more than an hour. Anyway, a bit before 2pm Nunu and I got back to the registration waiting room, and not long after that our names were called to take the written test.

It was interesting because it was somewhat a big audition, hence cameras were literally everywhere to capture good moments of the audition. Nunu and I went there for fun and we were being our crazy selves chit chatting away about all our weird possible turn outs from the audition, so it felt a bit funny when we saw some people who looked quite serious and really focused while waiting for their names to be called.

Right after we registered ourselves.

Anyway, after our own names were called, we were asked to proceed to the 1st floor. The 20 of us went to one of the meeting rooms in the Priwework Studio and we were given 3 sheets of paper each. The questions include history, geography, general knowledge, IQ test and mathematics. At 2.10 pm we started answering and we were given 15 minutes to answer all the subjective questions. When the time was up, the person in charge collected our papers and told us that we had to wait around 15 minutes for the announcement, whether we made it for the first stage or not. 

While waiting for our results.

While waiting, we took the opportunity to know each other. We introduced our names, age and our profession. Most of the girls are so relaxed and friendly. I felt at ease already with them. It lasted for just a few minutes. Around 2.40 pm, one guy came in and called the names that scored more than 15. Only 3 out of the 20 got through it, and alhamdulillah, I was one of them. Hehe... Honestly, I was super excited to continue with the audition. :P

After the other 17 people made their move out of the room, the 3 of us were briefed on the things that we had to do. Basically he was saying about the contract that we had to sign. He then transferred us again to another waiting room not too far from our original room, where we met a few other people who passed the 1st stage from the previous batches. Lovely and confident ladies they all are I must say. They got their audition numbers and left the 3 of us again in the waiting room, where we read the long list of contract, about the dos and don'ts. Phew... Seriously, that was one long contract.

A few minutes later, a few other people from next batches came in and joined the 3 of us. Again we introduced ourselves and undoubtedly the girls who got through the first stage were not just anyone. They have the brains and most of them are really confident of themselves. Just by talking with to them I can see how much they really want to get through this audition and be a part of the show. Pretty amazing, huh? And there I was, being there for the sake of taking up the challenge and ticking off our private list. *sorry*

We had to wait in that room for more than an hour. Due to the long wait my head started to feel a bit heavy and I couldn't sit still. I had panadols in my handbag and I really wanted to swallow them but I didn't have any drinks with me. I made my way to the surau and prayed Zohor trying to ease the headache. But after coming down again, still nothing happened and I was getting a bit restless. On one of the bean bags I was already sitting uncomfortably and couldn't care less how I looked like. (Despite knowing cameras might suddenly appear without warning from outside the glassed room).

Thank God a few minutes later one of the persons in charge came in and gave out our audition numbers. My lucky number was 6046. (The first digit i.e. 6 means the 6th day of the audition, 46 means the 46th person to be interviewed for the day). We had to stick the number on our chest and we were escorted outside the room to another open area in front of the lift to wait for our respective turns. That is actually the same place where I had waited during my first ever audition a month ago.  

Not feeling well. Just wanted to get it done and over with.

While waiting, my head was throbbing hard and I felt like vomiting. At that particular moment I just wanted to buy a drink and get the pain killer. As I knew there were still 9 people before my turn, I asked a few of the girls to join me to go to the cafetaria. After a very looong while, I finally managed to take the panadol. But even after consuming it, the dizziness wouldn't go away. The girls actually were concerned, asking if I was alright and if I have had any history of collapsing anywhere previously. I reassured them that nothing as such has ever happened. I think I must have looked so pale and not well. 

After the girls had finished eating, I excused myself to the toilet. There, I just couldn't control myself. I vomited. A lot. I am quite sure everything I swallowed during the lunch time was thrown out. I made up my mind that if I didn't get better, I would leave and go home straightaway. I gave myself a few minutes and I touched up a bit my face. I felt better after throwing up. My head felt lighter so I decided to continue the journey.

When I went up to the waiting area, there were still 7 people to go before my turn. So what I did was to go to the surau and set my alarm clock. Yes, I took a power nap. Just what I needed. After 15 minutes of sleep I woke up and took my ablution and prayed Asar.

Alhamdulillah, I felt sooo much better after that. When I went back to the waiting area, there were just another 3 people before my turn. At that time I felt relaxed and I was myself again. All talkative and making jokes with the girls again. We took photos together and talked with other girls who already passed their auditions. Quite an awesome group of people I must say. Very supportive towards each other that it made me feel all okay again.

With some of the lovely ladies.

When they called my name, it was already past 6pm. I entered the room with a clip mic glued to the back of my audition number. Also like my previous audition, there was a camera rolling. The audition went well alhamdulillah. I just had to introduce myself and answered a few questions by the juries. And of course I had to answer why I went for the audition. I didn't know where I got that inspiration to answer the question but alhamdulillah I think I answered well enough. Hahaha!

Sooo... the turn out from my audition? Alhamdulillah I got through it. :) Despite the vomit and all. I was given the golden ticket!! But I guess my journey would just be up till there because they still have to shortlist the girls who also got the golden tickets into 28 people. 

If I get it, I would be super surprised. 

THE Golden Ticket! I told the juries that I wanted to represent Selangor because I had no contribution to Johor, although I was born in JB.

Anyway, it was such a VALUABLE experience I must say. Trying out for these things somehow make me see how others perceive something and how far people will actually go to achieve their dreams. Most of the girls I met there were really serious about entering and to be one out of the 14 finalists. I am impressed by their determination, seriously I do.

Oh, another interesting turn out is that, one part of my audition was actually included in the Melodi yesterday. Gosh how funny. Even for that short 1 second manyyy of my friends actually saw me on TV. 

Ha ha ha ha

As I missed the Melodi yesterday, I watched it at tonton instead. :P

Okay, let's just wait till next week. If there's no phone calls whatsoever, I will just move on. :D


  1. So worried thinking about you during this time. When you told me that you threw up, I wasn't sure if that is a good or bad sign. Syukurlah you feel better after that.

    haiz. I think .. if I was there, I might suruh you balik , get enough rest and just prepare for masterchef's audition .. :P

    oh yes .. told you Im watching Melodi to look if you appear in it. that AHA!! I screamed when I saw you kot. I cakap kat Sidi tu tu tu ... but you no longer appear. lucky la boleh tgk balik kat tonton ...

    Glad you managed to cross this one from your bucket list . :)

    1. i felt it was weird for u to watch melodi coz it didnt cross my mind that i would even be featured in it. funny.. thanks for always supporting me in what ever i do. even i know u are quite reluctant to see me go if i got through as one of the contestants.. kan? hahaha :P