Monday, 18 April 2016


If you expect people to be nice, you should be nice. 

Similarly, if you love the fact that people are being appreciative towards you, than you equally should show some appreciation to people.

Appreciation doesn't just come in words. One can say all the sweet nothing, repetitively. However, if in reality the action is just other wise, the words do not mean anything. Nothing. Zilch.

Remember that action speaks louder than words. Your effort means so much more than your words. 

Know that your effort in knowing, effort in showing interest, effort in taking time to text, effort in trying to understand, and effort in explaining mean so much more than your words of saying: 

"I appreciate you."  


"I love you."

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Gone Girl

I like to think myself as a happy person. I rarely bother of how people think of me. I wear cheap clothes, i wear same things for a long time. I talk a lot, i laugh a lot. Some may say I'm annoying but i just don't stop being what I am.

However, lately I am becoming more and more negative. I may appear positive and happy in front of some people, but the truth is, i cry just as much as i laugh nowadays. Not that i would admit it publicly though.

To those who see me spacing out out or having a sudden mood change, just bare with me. I'm complicated. I have so much unsettle issues, mostly with my own inner thoughts.

I get depress when i expect something out ot a confrontation but i receive something totally different in return. I can't get angry all the time, so i just have to live with the thing i don't quite like i guess.

Though 'living with it' simply means i get deeper and deeper into depression. Yeah, i guess that cheerful side of me is slowly disappearing. Coz plastering a smile is sometimes tiring.