Saturday, 9 April 2016

Gone Girl

I like to think myself as a happy person. I rarely bother of how people think of me. I wear cheap clothes, i wear same things for a long time. I talk a lot, i laugh a lot. Some may say I'm annoying but i just don't stop being what I am.

However, lately I am becoming more and more negative. I may appear positive and happy in front of some people, but the truth is, i cry just as much as i laugh nowadays. Not that i would admit it publicly though.

To those who see me spacing out out or having a sudden mood change, just bare with me. I'm complicated. I have so much unsettle issues, mostly with my own inner thoughts.

I get depress when i expect something out ot a confrontation but i receive something totally different in return. I can't get angry all the time, so i just have to live with the thing i don't quite like i guess.

Though 'living with it' simply means i get deeper and deeper into depression. Yeah, i guess that cheerful side of me is slowly disappearing. Coz plastering a smile is sometimes tiring.


  1. Iqa, I do see you are trying hard to bear with all the changes lately and I thank you for that. I know cheerful Iqa is still there..

    1. Hurm, bear with me at the moment please. I know insyaAllah one day we will look back and say, "Hey, we shouldn't have worried about this at all. See, it turns out well!" But as for now, I guess I might not be my usual positive self. Not until someone shows me the light of something for me to be happy about.

  2. Maaf mencelah.....antara perkara yang selalu menjadi subjek di dalam Al-Quran adalah MASA, sehingga ada satu surah yang ALLAH khususkan mengenai itu (Al-Asr=means era). ALLAH jua ada tunjukkan tentang perubahan siang dan malam adalah satu TANDA yang berguna kepada orang yang ulul albab (bijaksana).

    Time heals. But the most important is, always 'stick' to the owner of TIME. Make investment in time and space to understand His words, in sya ALLAH it helps a lot.

    But, deep inside me, I still don't know whether my (this) comment helps. Forgive me.

    1. Yep, true. Time heals. Only time can make us accept any changes. InsyaAllah, I will try to make investment in time and space more for the Almighty. And terus mengharap hanya pada yang Satu. Harapkan pada manusia, kita selalu kecewa, tapi harap pada Allah kita tak pernah kecewa.

      Don't worry brother, any reminder is indeed helpful. Thanks. :)