Tuesday, 6 September 2016

I just do not understand when...

People do not give any chance to others to come up with an explanation. 

Of course there are times when we feel like punching someone's face for the stupid things that they have done. Most of the time when we start to get annoyed, we make assumptions that they are basically lazy bumps and merely stupid and childish and never think about others. 

However, I believe that for every single thing that someone has done or hasn't done, there must be a reason to it. Why not start by asking them why they did or did not do such things at the first place? Just let people explain before we start screaming and scare people off their chairs and get repetitive nightmares for 3 consecutive nights due the scolding and swearing (pardon me and my imagination).

Obviously it feels good to lash out our disappointment to someone, especially when we have a bad day. But think again, is it even worth it? Try giving a thought to what the other party might be going through at that time or what they might go through after getting the scolding and all, 

I may not be the most patient person in the world. Everyone around me can agree with that. But I think it is not wrong if we try to find out the reason for something first. To be honest, it annoys me even more when someone does not give any explanation and does not even try to explain that they have actually tried hard enough. 

Seriously, once we say some weird things without thinking, it is going to hurt us even more. Especially when we are calm enough to think and realise that some things might not be able to be fixed due to the words that we have uttered. 

I remember how my dad told me a few times, "No matter how bad you want to say something because you are angry and it surely feels good to let it out, stop yourself before you say it. The after effect is going to be worse. The relationship between you and that person might not be the same after you say it. Sometimes you are angry only at that moment, but when you lash out your anger, the effect is for a loong loong time."

So~ Can we all at least TRY to give people some space and chance to defend themselves? We are never above anyone else, remember that. Even the people under you, they have the right to speak too.

Find your inner peace and let your mind fly like the birds. :)


  1. I choose silence and feel that "mencurah minyak ke dalam api" wont fix anything or get things done right. Sometimes I picture myself being in the person's shoes, if I would do the same, or if I would chill more.

    It's been a while since you last written a piece like this Sayang, Kudos!

    1. Good that you always stop and think first. I know ur style very well sayang.. :p

      And yeah.. Thanks for the support! Hope to have more positive posts in the future. :D