Sunday, 4 September 2016

You look different

Lately, a lot of people have been saying that I look different. And to be more specific, they say that I have lost a lot of weight. Some even say that they get confused of me with my sister because I am no longer that chubby girl that they used to know.

People seem to always ask me the same question, "Fiqah, ko diet ke?" And automatically too, I will say that I am not on diet.

Seriously, how can I be when I dare not reduce my rice intake? I am simply a big rice eater and I can't live without rice!

But it is pretty weird of just how many people are saying the same thing. It makes me wonder if I was that chubby a few years back.

Until I came across a picture of my last day in London........ I suddenly realised just how different I looked back then.

Uhuh, yes.. That girl on the left is me. Blegh.. 

To be fair, the desserts there are just to die for! Can you imagine of the heavenly waffles, cupcakes, pancakes, ice creams, chocolates etc? And all those amazing things can actually be bought at a very low price! How can anyone resist the temptation? Right?? 

At least not me... :P

But in a serious note, I am just glad that I am not into sweet food anymore since I came back to Malaysia. It feels really good to have self-control over my eating habit now. And I am pretty sure that healthier choice of food also plays a big role in making a 'different-looking' me.

But oh well. One thing for sure, this picture will always be a good reminder of just how happy I was back then in London.:P

P/S: Don't worry. I am even happier now. :D


  1. I wonder if your ban on caffeine intake also contributes to this. Thats a big sacrifice from your side. BTW, I'd still hit on you if I met you in London.. :-x

    PS : Im even happier tooo :D

    1. Hahahaa! U might not even recognise me if you were there in London at that time. I might have been speaking in a different accent too for all you know. And you probably won't like it :p