Tuesday, 10 January 2017

3 months later

You know what is sweet?

It is when you get something from someone when you least expect it.

As I am now a wife, I always expect that the norm is for me to do house chores by myself.

When le hubby voluntarily helps out to clear up the bed, to clear up his clothes, and to tidy things up, it just makes my day so so much.

Similarly, when I don't expect anything in return for the things that I do, it makes me feel warm inside to have le hubby thanking me and appreciating the small things that I do for him.

Marriage is a learning process. A process that always keeps me on my feet to be a better person.I guess that is why we are called each other's better half. I am only better when he is there with me.

Love you dearly Encik Suami! :)

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