Friday, 6 January 2017

Of the things i wish for in 2017

This new year, i wish i can be more determined towards achieving my own goals. The things that i imagine becoming, shouldn't stop dead in between just because  i get less support from people around.

For example, although there are times i wish i can become a nicer and more soft-spoken person, people around who are not understanding and not supportive enough can just make me more rebellious and rough. I know a change can't be achieved with just you yourself hoping for a change, but an action has to be taken. 

Therefore, this 2017, the action that i will take is to at least try not to give up easily just because of others who constantly break my heart and lower down my spirit. 

Expectations kill. So that too, will be something that i will work on. I will try to expect less from people and work harder on my own. 

Hello 2017. Please be nice to me.

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