Friday, 31 March 2017

Mature Discussion

It is somehow a norm nowadays to see people bashing other people on social media. More often being called as the "keyboard warriors", these are the people who shoot ideas from their fingers, and nothing from the brain.

I have respect for those who have a different stance from me either politically or in ideology if the person has a solid reason to support their judgement. As there are things which cannot be clearly determined as black or white, people have the right to have a different opinion on something.

However, I find it truly sickening when people say something just because they have read something most probably from Facebook shared articles or the forwarded messages in Whatsapp, which the source might not even be credible. More worrying is when they have a stance on something because of people's stories which they have heard and those are not even first hand stories. 

These people can also appear very religious and preach about how fitnah is bad and all, but in the end, they are the ones who send all these forwarded messages as if they know how genuine and real the messages are. When people advise them nicely on how they might be wrong on something, they get agitated and start shooting all the blames on the person they dislike.

Even if the rain falls, they might say it's all the person's doing. How stupid is that?

Afterall, I know that everyone has good and bad sides. But is it hard to give credit where it is due?

For example, if the Government has successfully saved the Malaysians in Pyongyang, why should you mention about GST in that post? I find it stupid and so childish. 

I am not asking for people to be hypocritical and start saying all the good things about someone that they believe to be bad. Try being fair and show that you are at least someone who is rational, mature, and have a good heart. Not just a stupid keyboard warrior believing that everything is bad.  

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