Monday, 31 December 2018

Welcoming 2019

What have I been doing this whole year apart from being pregnant and delivering a baby? Gosh, how come it is already the 31st December?

I still feel like I need more time to straighten things up before new year comes. *sigh*

So, what has 2018 given or taught me? Well, one thing for sure: a new journey in LIFE.

Pregnancy and motherhood journey had been every girl's dream and Alhamdulillah I got to go through it. I can't be grateful enough to have a smooth pregnancy journey (disclaimer: a bit tough though during the 1st trimester) and a rather easy delivery experience.

Parenthood on the other hand is very challenging and patience testing, but I must say that I crave for more time with my little one. In 2 days' time, I am going back to work and I will definitely miss him like crazy.

*cry a bucket*

Thank you 2018 for the unthinkable journey it was for me! I will miss this memorable year but I am looking forward to more opportunities in this coming year. 2019, please be nice to me and the rest, ey?

Before I end my 2018 post, as usual, let's take a lool at my best nine of the year:

Well, the pictures say it all. Motherhood is definitely the highlight of my year! :)