Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Don't Be Such A Woman

A while ago I read a facebook post that has been shared by the thousands by facebook users. The post is basically about how a woman usually overthinks even in a very simple situation. The writer gave an example of what she, herself encountered the day before.

So this writer basically got upset with her husband and at that particular moment she had a lot of different scenario going around in her head just based on her husband short reply to her one simple question. And while she had that "interesting" thoughts of her husband and how she would answer and react to her husband later on, her husband was oblivious to that whole situation.

To cut the story short, she was all cool again when her husband suddenly offered her a drink. And all of a sudden that whole situation in her head seemed ridiculous. She finally said "sorry" to the husband, who was of course, totally clueless to what she was sorry for.

As much as I find the post funny, I find that it is indeed the truth.

Women in general just love to overthink. Even when there is nothing to worry about, we think too deeply on something and we end up getting hurt by our own ridiculous thoughts. Well, guys might not understand about how we think and I guess they never will. I guess if a guy can even have a glance on what is happening in our head, he might regret it his whole life.

Anyway, in all seriousness, I guess that is what I am aiming for in 2019. I always long to become more patient but I never had any idea on how to become one. I guess I can start by telling myself that "I should not be such a woman."

I know it sounds stupid because I am indeed a woman (or else, how would I ever deliver a baby?), but I am saying it in terms of emotion. I don't want to be emotionless and be like a robot, but I guess what I am trying to be here is to at least be less complicated. Not to think too much.

If people don't reply to my whatsapp, or if people don't say thank you for any kindness that I have shown, or if people don't react according to my expectation, or if people give unwanted comments of how I do things, I guess I should just move on with life and not take it to the heart. That is basically my own art of not giving a shit to what people around me do or think of me.

As long as people's behaviour around me does not cost me my life or my family's life, I guess there is no harm to just smile and move on.